Top Reasons to Celebrate French Culture on Bastille Day Fête in New Orleans

SALUTE LOUISIANA’S FRENCH HERITAGE THIS BASTILLE DAY WITH FOOD, DRINKS, AND LIVE MUSIC AT ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE OF NEW ORLEANS Baguettes, berets, and Cognac are a few of New Orleanians’ favorite French things. On Bastille Day, Francophiles from near and far gather at Alliance Française of New Orleans. Visitors can honor one of the many cultures […]

The Groom’s Wedding Cake: Everything to Know About the Southern Tradition

DISCOVER THE HISTORY, LORE, AND TRENDS OF THE GROOM’S WEDDING CAKE: ONE OF THE LONGEST-STANDING RITUALS FOR THE HUSBAND-TO-BE At a Southern wedding, there are many moments for the bride to shine, but one edible practice highlights the groom. The groom’s wedding cake has evolved, but its history and lore contribute to the grand spectacle […]

Romantic Things to Do on a Honeymoon Getaway in New Orleans

DISCOVER THE MOST ROMANTIC SIDE OF NEW OLEANS DURING A HONEYMOON GETAWAY A honeymoon in New Orleans is one of the best ways for newlywed couples to celebrate their everlasting love. Whether grabbing drinks at a bar or taking a carriage tour through the French Quarter, historic charm and endless romance lurks behind every corner. […]

Refreshing Drinks and Cocktails to Try from New Orleans’ Best Bars this Summer

WHETHER DRINKING A CLASSIC HURRICANE FROM PAT O’BRIEN’S OR INDULGING IN A FROZEN TREAT FROM BIG EASY DAIQUIRIS, NEW ORLEANS HAS MANY DRINKS TO COOL DOWN WITH THIS SUMMER New Orleans is a magnet for lovers of classic cocktails, booze, and spirits year-round. In the summertime, a few frozen drinks emerge from the shadows to […]

Reasons to Attend the 2023 Running of the Bulls in New Orleans

CELEBRATE SPAIN’S SAN FERMIN FESTIVAL WITH A NEW ORLEANS TWIST AT RUNNING OF THE BULLS THIS SUMMER Every year plastic horn-adorned roller derby skaters race through the streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter. To an outsider, this may seem alarming, but to the locals, it is an opportunity to indulge in alcohol, celebrate Spain, and […]

Essential New Orleans Restaurants in the French Quarter

EXPERIENCE FINE DINING, CREOLE CAFES, AND NEW ORLEANS HISTORY WHILE EATING IN THE FRENCH QUARTER THIS SUMMER Some of the oldest buildings in New Orleans live in the French Quarter, with the restaurants within serving dishes coated in history. There is always something good to eat between family-run cafes, elegant white-tablecloth restaurants, and classic Vieux […]

A Guide to Visiting Frenchmen Street in New Orleans

EVERYTHING TO DO ON FRENCHMEN STREET, INCLUDING MUSIC CLUBS, ART MARKETS, RESTAURANTS, AND BARS Within the chasm that is the French Quarter lives Frenchmen Street. With music clubs around every corner, the jazz tunes never stop playing, making the area the music district of the city. Hosting various eccentric bars, Louisiana cuisine, and local artwork, […]