All the Things to Savor at a New Orleans Farmers Market When on a Staycation


As soon as the last frost of winter subsides, fresh produce enthusiasts flock to the Crescent City Farmers Market. Spring comes early in South Louisiana, making it a fruitful environment for produce from Creole tomatoes to Ponchatoula strawberries. The buzzing bees among native wildflowers set the perfect scene for browsing through tents of fresh ripe fruit and hand-crafted goods.

French Market

Farmers markets have been a staple warm-weather activity in New Orleans since its conception in 1718. The infamous French Market resides in the city’s French Quarter neighborhood and is the oldest open-air market in the United States. What started as a Native American trading post has become a famous market for odd and quaint trinkets, housewares, and artworks. The French Market is now a cultural exchange hub with more international vendors, artists, and concessions than ever before.

Crescent City Farmers Market

Those looking for local produce, fresh meats and seafood, and small hand-crafted goods will fare well at the Crescent City Farmers Market. The market organizers promise to “cultivate the power of farmers markets to drive economic and community health in the region.” Shoppers can support the mission at City Park on Sundays, Uptown on Tuesdays, and Mid-City on Thursdays throughout the year.

Local Offerings

New Orleans’s cultural history lies behind its every activity and attraction –– farmers markets are no exception. Local farmers and small businesses keep New Orleans alive and teeming with personality. Visitors on a staycation can find various items to treasure between the French Market and the Crescent City Farmers Market.

Fresh Produce

Louisiana is known for its sweet, decadent Pontchatoula strawberries and plump flavorful Creole tomatoes, but many fresh fruits and vegetables grow abundantly throughout the year.

In the warmer months, shoppers will find blackberries, peaches, plums, cauliflower, cucumbers, peppers, okra, and zucchini. Even the Louisiana winters are fruitful, bearing apples, leafy greens, clementines, and persimmons. Specialty meats, fresh Louisiana seafood, local honey, grass-fed dairy products, and baked goods are available year-round.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are eager to support local farmers. By formulating everything from soaps and herbal remedies to dog treats and spices with local ingredients, vendors nourish the roots of the community.

At every Crescent City Farmers Market location, early-morning attendees on a staycation can enjoy the offerings at Coffee Science’s booth. The shop sources as many ingredients as possible from local farmers for baked goods and brewed drinks.

Fresh Cooked Meals

For foodies, the Crescent City Farmers Market has many vendors offering freshly prepared traditional meals, tasty treats, and international delicacies. Hungry attendees will find pizza, gumbo, donuts, tamales, and even paella scattered among the produce vendors.

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