Romantic Things to Do on a Honeymoon Getaway in New Orleans


A honeymoon in New Orleans is one of the best ways for newlywed couples to celebrate their everlasting love. Whether grabbing drinks at a bar or taking a carriage tour through the French Quarter, historic charm and endless romance lurks behind every corner. Reminiscing wedding moments over a plate of beignets at Cafe Du Monde will make the sweetest honeymoon even sweeter.

Romantic Outdoor Activities

Shaded spots and cool sunset views are plenty, in the hot, humid City of New Orleans. Amble through the city’s iconic nature parks or enjoy a colorful Louisiana sunset over the Mississippi River. New Orleans’ outdoor activities are full of romance.

City Park lets lovers enjoy a shady picnic among enchanting Spanish Moss and local foliage. The Stone Footbridge is right out of a fairy tale and crosses over a serene pond reflecting anyone who looks in. Couples can also access the Live Oak Trees of Coterie Forest, a short walk from the bridge.

The Bywater’s Crescent Park, overlooking the Mississippi River, provides one of the best sunset views in New Orleans. Watch a Louisiana sunset’s bright pinks and oranges fade over the cityscape and the Mississippi River for a relaxing date at dusk.

Intimate Restaurants and Bars

There is so much to love about New Orleans’ cuisine and nightlife. Uncovering the intimate restaurants and bars will elevate a honeymoon experience 100-fold. At Napoleon House, couples can enjoy a quiet evening dinner in the homey open-air courtyard. For an elevated winery experience, Coppervine delivers wine tastings and hors d’oeuvres in a trendy dining room.

Indulge in sweet tooth cravings at Cafe Du Monde, where Bengniets and cafe au lait overflow from dusk to dawn. The quaint French cafe has served treats to locals and visitors since 1862. Its perseverance is a sweet reminder for couples to embrace tradition and indulgence.

Timeless Live Jazz Music

One of the most romantic genres of music lives unrestrained in the City of New Orleans. The sound of talented jazz musicians wafts through the streets of the French Quarter nightly. One spot, in particular, has showcased the best New Orleans jazz music for decades. Preservation Hall is an iconic venue known for taking visitors back to the prime time of jazz music. Newlyweds can dance and swing with timeless jazz music ever-present in the background.

Charming Tours

Mule-drawn carriage tours are one of the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in New Orleans. Couples can snuggle up in the luxurious cab while in awe of the historic buildings and stories of the most romantic city in the country. The hanging gardens and wrought iron balconies of New Orleans’ French Quarter will have lovers daydreaming of a future in the city.

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