The Best Indoor Wedding Photo Locations in New Orleans


Couples often have difficulty choosing a location for wedding photos, especially in New Orleans. There are just so many unique options to choose from within the fantastic city. Options range from mansions to art galleries.

The Historic Garden District of New Orleans

The historic Garden District of New Orleans is a fantastic neighborhood that captures the essence of that classic old-time feel. It is a stunning location that has incredible architecture and an elegant ambiance.

The New Orleans Museum of Art

The New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) is another excellent venue for wedding pictures. NOMA has an astounding collection of extraordinary works from various periods and styles. Its picturesque galleries are an ideal location for the perfect wedding photos. The beautiful and ornate decorations and art pieces in the background add charm to any wedding pictures taken.

The Chicory

The Chicory is nestled in the heart of the Warehouse District of New Orleans. The Chicory is known for its exposed brick, high ceilings, and grungy aesthetic. It is the perfect venue for people wanting edgy and chic wedding photos. The Chicory is a very expansive venue that gives people many options for shots with its superb natural lighting through its grand windows.

The Elms Mansion

The Elms Mansion is an enormous mansion that is also situated in the Garden District of New Orleans. It is a venue of pure luxury with impressive chandeliers, detailed and ornate moldings, beautiful furniture, and a vibe of refined sophistication. It also holds beautiful gardens within its courtyard and a giant staircase. Its grandeur has so many picture options that it is almost intimidating.

The Contemporary Arts Center

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) is a sleek and modern art gallery that provides visitors with beautiful and unique works with stunning architecture to house them. It gives a lot of natural light, making the perfect wedding photo much more effortless. It is such a versatile space because of this and because of the various art displays. With creativity, the CAC could be the perfect place to take those wedding photos.

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