The Irish Bayou Castle of New Orleans


If anyone has ever driven toward the Irish Bayou near Slidell, Louisiana, they have probably seen The Irish Bayou Castle, also known as the Fisherman’s Castle. However, most people might not realize what it is or how it originated.

Mr. Simon Hubert Villmarette built the castle in 1981. The original intention for its construction was for it to be a secondary tourist attraction for the 1984 World’s Fair. Being a decent way from the actual city of New Orleans, it required transportation.

The plans never came to fruition and eventually fell through. Mr. Villmarette, unfortunately, fell ill and passed away before finishing the castle. He left it to his wife, who sadly could not afford the mortgage. She eventually lost it to foreclosure, and it remains unfinished.

Amazing Construction

The Irish Bayou Castle is not only a breathtaking sight but also a genuinely fantastic piece of construction. It is one of the only buildings to have survived hurricaness Katrina in 2005, Isaac in 2018, and Ida in 2021.

The castle is an interesting and intricate building, having almost medieval qualities and inspirations. The astounding building has two bedrooms and one and a half baths and was once adorned with statues, medieval armor, and other ancient-looking decor.

Modern Day Outlook

The beautiful castle has been sold and repaired multiple times and was rumored to have been a bed and breakfast at one point.

An investment group based in Harahan bought the castle in 2014 and made many significant renovations. Unfortunately, today it remains tossed to the side.

Visitors of the Irish Bayou Castle are not allowed to step on the property but can still view it from the road. It is currently for sale for $500,000.

What Does the Future Hold for the Beautiful Irish Bayou Castle

There is no guarantee that the castle will ever reach the glory of Mr. Villemarette’s aspirations, but there is always hope. Until then, it will remain a picturesque view for everyone passing by as it awaits the right buyer to propel it to its full potential.

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