The Preservation Hall of New Orleans


Residing in the French Quarter, Preservation Hall is one of the most historic jazz venues in the world. The hall has become synonymous with New Orleans’ cultural landscape, offering a glimpse into the city’s musical history.

History of Preservation Hall

Allan and Sandra Jaffe established Preservation Hall as a traditional New Orleans jazz venue in 1961. The couple moved to New Orleans from Philadelphia in the late 1950s and fell in love with the city’s music and culture.

Allan Jaffe, a tuba player and music enthusiast, saw an opportunity to showcase the city’s jazz heritage and created Preservation Hall to keep the tradition alive. The venue remains at its original location, 726 St. Peter Street, a small building and former art gallery. The Jaffes converted the space into a performance venue, adding benches for seating and a small stage for the musicians.

The building was on the cusp of demolition when the Jaffes stepped in to give it a new fate. In the early years, Preservation Hall was a labor of love for the Jaffes, who worked tirelessly to promote traditional New Orleans jazz. However, it wasn’t long before locals and tourists noticed, and the hall began attracting some of the city’s best jazz musicians.

Over the years, Preservation Hall has hosted countless performances by legendary jazz musicians, including Sweet Emma Barrett, Kid Thomas Valentine, and George Lewis. The venue has also become a cultural institution, offering a unique window into the culture of New Orleans.

Preservation Hall Today

Preservation Hall is still going strong, offering nightly performances by some of the city’s most talented jazz musicians. The venue is intimate, with room for only about 100 people, and its lack of air conditioning provides an authentic experience of New Orleans’ steamy summers.

Visitors can expect to hear traditional New Orleans jazz focusing on improvisation and spontaneous creativity at the hall. In addition to its nightly performances, the venue offers educational programs, workshops, and other events. It has also made numerous appearances in films and TV shows, including HBO’s “Treme,” which focused on the city’s vibrant music scene in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Preserving New Orleans’ Musical Heritage

Preservation Hall’s success is a testament to traditional New Orleans jazz’s enduring appeal and the city’s rich musical heritage. For over six decades, the venue has provided a space for musicians to unite and share their love of jazz.

In many ways, Preservation Hall represents the best of New Orleans, a city that has faced numerous challenges over the years but has always remained true to its roots. Anyone planning a visit to New Orleans should check out Preservation Hall.

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