The Top Five Outdoor Restaurant Experiences in New Orleans


New Orleans is considered by many to be the culinary capital of the world. While this makes it an exciting city to visit, this can make it extremely difficult to determine exactly where to eat. However, the city’s various locations and venues are all delicious spots to chow down, and visitors can’t go wrong with any chosen place. However, there are a few standout restaurants.

Bacchanal Wine

Bacchanal Wine is quite the discovery for many first-timers. It is located in the beautiful Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans and features many attractive bells and whistles, including a lush courtyard, beautiful lighting decorations, and fantastic live music. Bacchanal Wine is known for its incredible selection of wines, its delicious charcuterie boards, and various cheeses.

The Country Club

The Country Club is also located in the historic Bywater district of New Orleans. This location offers stunning views of greenery, such as palm trees and a quaint and chic pool. Combine this beautiful scenery with the delicious tastes of New Orleans, and it’s a recipe for a perfect day. The Country Club is known for its relaxing atmosphere and fresh seafood selection.

Café Amelie

Café Amelie is located in the heart of New Orleans, the historic French Quarter. This delivers its patrons the classic charm of the city, and this location also offers seating in its beautiful courtyard. This courtyard is adorned with greenery and decorations and culminates into a great atmosphere for dining. Café Amelie prides itself on sourcing local ingredients and delivering the freshest dishes to its patrons.

The Joint

The Joint is the perfect choice for anyone craving a classic barbecue taste. This restaurant is located in the beautiful Bywater neighborhood and is known for its fall-of-the-bone ribs and tender pulled pork dishes. The Joint offers a quaint and homey patio seating area, perfect for family gatherings and enjoying some soul food.


Bacobar is a restaurant in New Orleans specializing in Latin-Asian fusion cuisine. It is located in Mid-City New Orleans and boasts a beautiful patio area. Bacobar’s culinary creations are said to have been smelled from blocks away, leaving many who catch its scent on the hunt for the smell’s origin. Popular dishes include Cuban-inspired sandwiches and Korean BBQ. Bacobar is a great spot to have a unique dining experience in New Orleans.

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