The Top Four Best Origins of New Orleans Food Staples


In history, New Orleans is one of the most amazing places in the world. There are so many different cultural influences throughout its history that show at nearly every corner of the city today. This is also reflected in the delightful food scene of New Orleans.


In the realm of classic tastes in New Orleans, Zatarain’s comes to the minds of many. This brand was founded in 1889 by Mr. Émile A. Zatarain, a Spanish-Basque immigrant. Zatarain’s was highly touted for its unique spices, especially Creole seasoning. Zatarain’s as a company attributes its success to holding to classic New Orleans tastes. Today, Zatarain’s can be found in almost every kitchen in New Orleans and most of the State of Louisiana, as well.


In the summer heat of the Crescent City, there is simply no better treat than a classic New Orleans daiquiri. It consists of a simple mix of rum, lime juice, sugar, and ice. This was almost immediately a hit for the city’s residents and has since stayed a staple in the community of New Orleans. The daiquiri has become a prevalent and customizable drink option. There are so many different flavors available to daiquiri drinkers today that it takes work to keep up with them.


Everyone loves a well-made sandwich, especially on the go in New Orleans. The muffuletta is the favorite sandwich of countless people in the Crescent City. The muffuletta got its spot in the food scene of New Orleans in the early 20th century within the Italian immigrant community of the city. The sandwich is made from a hearty round loaf of Sicilian bread cut in half and filled with delectable cold cuts, robust cheeses, and a tangy olive salad. The muffuletta is then toasted to melt the cheese and firm up the bread, making it utterly delightful. This delicious sandwich can be found at almost any restaurant in the city these days and is a favorite of many New Orleanians.


No dish may be more famous in New Orleans than the classic gumbo. Its history and taste are derived from many different cultures, including African, French, Spanish, and Native American. There is no one culture that anyone can point to and say is fully responsible for this delicious creation. The dish is made from a flavorful stock, a homemade roux, meat or seafood, and a delightful blend of excellent vegetables and spices. The name gumbo is taken from the West African word for okra, a popular added ingredient in many gumbos.

Unveil the History and Origins of These Classic Staple Dishes of the Crescent City

These fantastic New Orleans creations offer a small glimpse into the tremendous and exciting heritage of the city. Undoubtedly, New Orleans’ food and drink scene is second to none in the country. These staples can be attributed to the city’s unique history and origins.

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